About Creighton FertilityCare

The Creighton Model FertilityCare™ System is a standardized system of charting a women's menstrual cycle. Through Creighton FertilityCare, women and couples are taught to observe natural body signals, chart her cycle and appreciate the fertility it reflects. This chart can be used to naturally achieve or avoid pregnancy, while always respecting the dignity of the women, couple and any potential children.

The Creighton FertilityCare chart is also the foundational tool that can be used by Medical Professionals who specialize in NaPro Technology (Natural Procreative Technology).

couple standing face to face closely to each other
couple standing face to face closely to each other

About NaPro Technology

NaPro Technology is a life-affirming woman's health science that provides real solutions to real problems. It can be used to diagnose and treat the underlying causes of:

NaPro Technology always strives to restore the women's body to its natural function. It upholds the dignity of the woman, the integrity of the human person and the integrity of marriage.

pregnant woman standing behind the man holding tummy
pregnant woman standing behind the man holding tummy

About Stephie, BSN, RN, FCP

I live in Manhattan, KS with my husband and our daughter, Caeli Marie. I graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Texas at Austin in 2019 and completed Creighton FertilityCare Practitioner Training at St. Paul VI Institute in Omaha, Nebraska in 2023.

During nursing school, I first found a passion for women's health but was eager to find a natural option for navigating fertility and gynecological problems. I was fascinated when I came across Creighton FertilityCare and NaPro Technology, a medically sound and morally ethical option that seeks to get to the underlying cause of women's health issues and provide a genuine understanding of fertility. I began charting my cycle as a single woman and was able to receive proper diagnoses and treatment with the help of a NaPro Physician. My husband and I have since found immense goodness in using the method to avoid pregnancy initially then using it to help us to conceive and maintain our pregnancy for our beloved daughter.

I am thrilled to teach Creighton FertilityCare both person and virtually, in either English or Spanish, as a FertilityCare Practitioner.